Garden Upgrade Report

Some clients prefer a Garden Consultation to be presented in a report, particularly if the area is large or complex. If this is your preference, Judith will e-mail you a Garden Upgrade Proposal specifying the general concepts and requirements discussed at the time of the initial garden consultation.

You can approve/amend/comment on the various aspects of the Garden Upgrade Proposal and, when it meets your requirements, Judith will e-mail you a costing for the time/work involved in the preparation of the various components of the Garden Upgrade Report, including –

  • Names of recommended plants (common and botanical), pot sizes and quantities;
  • Details of each plant recommended – height, width, flowering time, spacing;
  • Planting advice;
  • Transplanting advice;
  • Maintenance advice (calendar basis) for each plant, as appropriate;
  • Pots and container advice;
  • Photographs of the site;
  • Images of recommended plants;
  • Names of relevant suppliers (arborists, landscapers, lighting suppliers, turf suppliers, etc.).

You decide how much information you need, thus influencing the final outcome/cost involved. The cost is known and agreed upon before the work is commenced.

The fee is $220.00 (including GST) for one hour’s on site consultation and $110.00 (including GST) per hour off site for the information provided in the Garden Upgrade Report.