Professional Advice in Your Garden, Courtyard or Balcony

A garden consultation provides expert advice, recommendations and options with you in your outdoor area. If you would like to upgrade your outdoor area but are unsure as to which plants would be suitable and what steps you should take; or if you’re not familiar with the plants or how to care for them, a garden consultation is an investment.

Outdoor areas should complement your lifestyle, home and indoor living areas with “the right plant in the right place”. Small areas, such as balconies and courtyards, need special consideration to maximise their potential.

During each consultation Judith will –

  • Assess the prevailing conditions – sun, shade, wind, soil (pH test), topography;
  • Identify the existing plants and answer any questions about maintenance;
  • Discuss your needs and wants for your outdoor area – entertaining, growing produce, floral display, children’s play area;
  • Determine your preferred style of garden – formal, informal, tropical, Australian native, Mediterranean, contemporary, minimalist;
  • Recommend screening – privacy from neighbours or undesirable views;
  • Upgrade or re-design your outdoor living area by suggesting appropriate plants for – shade, sun, fragrance, non-allergenic, colour, architectural, bird-attracting;
  • Advise on ways to ensure the area is low maintenance – soil improvement, watering, fertilising, mulching, pruning, weed control;
  • Provide advice for organic control of pests and diseases;
  • Recommend the most suitable turf as well as lawn care or, if required, lawn substitutes;
  • Suggest solutions to any other gardening problems..

Notes are taken during the consultation to record the information provided.

The fee for one hour’s consultation is $220.00 (including GST) on site. For large areas, if the client needs more information, the fee is applied on a pro rata basis.

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